The Science

I developed The Virgin Diet through my decades of research on weight loss resistance. While working with doctors, helping them implement food sensitivity testing, genetic testing and metabolic testing in their offices, I discovered 7 foods that the majority of patients were not tolerating well. When we removed these foods, the patients experienced dramatic results in a matter of days; including fast fat loss, reduced joint pain, improved gastro-intestinal function, better insulin, cortisol and leptin sensitivity, improved mood and focus, clearer skin, dissipation of headaches and improved sustainable energy.

Over time I realized that this was the ideal foundation for a weight loss & wellness program. I have now used it with over a thousand clients, as well as implemented it in several medical offices. You may have heard of the elimination diet. These have been used in medicine for decades. The Virgin Diet takes the elimination diet and amplifies it, and the results speak for themselves! Be sure to visit my testimonial page to see what my clients are experiencing.

On this page you will find endorsements from top doctors for The Virgin Diet. Websites with supportive information for the key principles in The Virgin Diet, and research that we have been accumulating to support The Virgin Diet. The science is here, but the most important verification, are the stunning results of those who follow my plan.

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